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Equip Spa Go wasn't developed to simply be another equipment and furniture supplier. Our desire is to make online ordering for Spa Equipment simple and easy with services that go beyond the installation.


Having served this industry for over 10 years, I had noticed the need for valid relationship building services.  I decided to create a true client focused furniture and equipment service that catered to the entrepreneurial dream of owning a profitable Spa and Wellness business.



Because like many of our own clients, Equip Spa Go, LLC is a grassroots business designed to grow with the Spa Industry rather than compete for the # 1 spot in every category.

Our focus is on Equipment and Furniture and providing the best A - Z distribution service on the market today.

We understand the importance of slow growth and creating long term relationships through communication and mutual expectations. 

We are not here to simply take every opportunity but instead to connect with others, like us, who desire a long term relationship over the lowest price.

Let's grow together and take things - Beyond the Installation!

Benjamin T. Hollandsworth

Owner, CEO, and connoisseur of all things Spa and Wellness


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