April 12th is"National Grilled Cheese Day!" Let's make it healthy

Ok, I'm sure I'm going to get some flak for writing a blog post about grilled cheese sandwiches on a spa equipment blog, BUT, it is National Grilled Cheese Day after all.

So, hear me out!

Grilled cheese, for a lot of us, has been in the top 10 comfort foods of our youths.

It was definitely my personal favorite, quick and easy meal (next to PB&J). However, the grilled cheese has NEVER quite made it to the list of healthy eats. Until now!

This recipe is based slightly on Keto, therefore we cut the carbs by using carb-free bread. I personally use Lewis, for the price as well as taste. I really can't tell the difference. Plus, it's gluten free. Two birds, one stone!

For those with a bit of the ole' lactose intolerance you can use ghee instead of butter and its a heck of a lot better for you than margarine. Not to mention, the ghee has a higher smoke point than butter so there's less of a chance of burning your bread. You're welcome!

Now for the cheese! I love Daiya, dairy free cheese which tastes excellent when melted. It also melts so much better that other low fat and dairy free cheeses I've tried. Yet, the choice is up to you!

I tell everyone when I start a diet, "You can take my chocolate but you will NEVER TAKE MY CHEESE!" I know my fellow cheese lovers get me.

Lastly, I love love LOVE adding tomatoes, spinach and onions for added micro nutrients and fiber. All together you can personalize a low carb, gluten and dairy-free grilled cheese sandwich without worrying too much about carbs and calorie counts.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm not a dietician or nutritionist. This was simply a fun post for me to write about one of my favorite comfort foods.

Feel free to post your own suggestions!


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