Get Enlightened about the Next Generation of Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, for use in correcting certain skin conditions, certainly isn't new to the esthetic market. However, the field of light therapy has produced more innovations than perhaps any other esthetic treatment in recent years. The past 10 - 20 years have seen an exponential development ranging from high-end medical grade photo biomodulation systems to relatively inexpensive devices for at home use. The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the current technologies often overlooked in the Med Spa industry.

While many manufacturers claim their devices perform better, provide improved results over the competition, or have the backing from new studies, the fact still remains that Light Therapy simply works. Light Therapy is established and recognized as a viable solution for improving the appearance of skin, pain management, acne and more . Yet, how new devices differ, the effective dosages and what new technological advancements are out there tend to be overshadowed by mass market trends and confusing product specifications.

We would like to cover 3 factors at work regarding the effectiveness of Light Therapy in the current market.

  1. Wavelengths and the degree of variation (+/-)

  2. Joules and Dosage requirements

  3. Current Technological Advancements

Wavelength and the Degree of Variation

The importance of your Light Therapy system to produce uniform energy during the treatment is undeniable. For example, the wavelength is classified as one of the most important variables in the study of the effectiveness of Light Therapy in which too much variation from the established wavelength in a scientific study can disproportionally effect the outcomes of the treatment and the studies results. Effective wavelengths for Red Light therapy can range from 630nm - 640nm (nm = nanometers) with a variance of 15nm(+/-) for most devices on the market today. The goal of current Light Therapy technologies is to reduce this variation in wavelength as much as possible in order to create Uniform Energy and consistent dosages in accordance with the results identified in laboratory studies.

Joules and Dosage Requirements

Joules are possibly one of the most complicated factors to understand in Light Therapy. One of the better descriptions we've found is this, "Think of it as the rate of energy delivered. This is perhaps the most defining factor to consider when considering red light therapy at home (or in professional treatments) since higher irradiance can result in better results for less time. The most used format to measure irradiance is mW/cm2 or milliwatts per square centimetre, i.e. 80 mW/cm2." (Resource)

You could look at Joules as the speed in which a battery is charged. The faster the charge, the quicker the battery is able to produce its own power. Joules are the rate of energy delivered by Light Therapy and the charge is our mitochondria's ability to produce ATP (energy) in less time.

For example, the Illuminate Red Light Therapy Panel produces 6,000 Joules in 5 minutes at 30 mw/cm2 using 1800 LEDS. This is twice the power of most LED devices on the market by comparison.

Be sure to ask your supplier for the specifications of their devices. These are extremely important parameters to consider for professional and at home use.

Current Technological Advancements

Current Technological Advancement in Light Therapy include but are not limited to componentry, all-in-one panels, and upgraded software. It is also important to consider manufacturing materials for overall quality.

Firstly, 3 watt LEDS with focused lenses generate over 100mw/cm2 with the use of only 490 LEDS using the combination of overall power and 45 degree focused angle ensures that every square centimeter of the treatment area receives the full benefit of uniform energy.

Secondly, current technology allows for the use of up to 4 wavelengths in the same panel compared as opposed to other systems which require their panels to be changed frequently during and between treatments.

Lastly, and most importantly, the software component has been developed as a major upgrade to advanced Light Therapy Systems. The newest software allows for the complete customization of individual treatments as well as providing presets for specific skin conditions.

The ability for therapist to adjust the Wavelengths, Joules, Dosage Requirements and Treatment Times on the fly not only greatly increases the effectiveness and utility of treatments but also the access to customization for your clients unique skin conditions.

The Soli-Lite LG4 Galileo

Silhouet-Tone's Soli-Lite LG4 Galileo fulfills all of the above current technological requirements in one system and is undoubtably one of the most powerful units on the market today.

Not only is the Soli-Lite manufactured by renowned Canadian manufacturer Silhouet-Tone with the highest quality components, latest software and backed by FDA as a Class II medical device, it has also set a new standard in the current market for Light Therapy Technology.

See the complete list of features below or click here to view videos covering the highlights of this incredible system.

  • 14 pre-programmed treatment protocols for all skin types and colors

  • Ergonomic, mobile panel allows client to be seated or lying down during treatment

  • Distance detector ensures recommended distance between patient and panel

  • Highest photon density LED array (490 LEDs)

  • Precise and stable monochromatic wavelengths (+/- 5)

  • 40-45° angle focused beam lens for rapid photo-activation

  • Preset dosage for quicker and better photo-response

  • Large Touch Screen / user-friendly interface

  • Robust internal metallic frame and over-sized wheels with locking brakes

  • Easy-to-dismount components for after sales service

Pro-Tip! Results are all in the Skin's Preparation

It is well known that the results of Red Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation is most improved as a follow-up to an aggressive treatment, such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, with Light Therapy. The goal being to provide a clean pallet removing obstacles to the penetration of a specific wavelength. You want to always begin by removing makeup, skin products and dead skin cells in order to open the epidermis to the full wavelength of light.

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