Let's Go Beyond the Installation. Get a Fresh Start in 2022 with Our Spa-First Initiative!

One of the greatest difficulties for any business is gaining a loyal customer base. There is simply too much competition to face in the world of business to be complacent. Success requires nothing less than consistent measured growth, constant re-education and most importantly, visibility.

What do you find at the top of nearly every list detailing how to grow your Spa business?

Answer: Facebook and Instagram ads...or better yet a thoughtful ads strategy targeting potential customers in your geographical region.

If you've never tried boosting a post, take a look at your Facebook business page, assuming you have one already. (If not WHAT ARE YOUR WAITING FOR?!?) Once you have created a new post there is an option to boost that post. For a relatively low cost you can experiment with different strategies on how to target your local market on a massive scale. There are options to customize the target audience based on interests, demographic and location.

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Now, while figuring out how to boost a social media post and reach the correctly targeted audience can be difficult and sometimes tedious, it can be the most rewarding marketing effort for the least cost to your business.

Believe us! We struggle with success in social media everyday in the process of growing a new business. The key is to never give up! If something isn't working, try a different angle. Learn from failures and persist.

Lastly, don't hesitate to ask "several" and we mean "several" of your friends, family or existing clientele for their thoughts on your post ideas and designs. They can be an incredible resource and how can you beat free advice. Here are some sample questions:

How can I make this offer more attractive?

Is the message clear? Is the text visible?

If you saw this ad on Facebook would it make you want to visit my practice, click the link or send a message?


Needless to say that regardless of how great of an informational post, or the inherit value given in its message, the most effective strategy is to make an offer that is worth their while. One that they cannot refuse!

This strategy was why Groupon had such a huge initial draw, and still does, in the spa community. Groupon gave spas the ability to offer their spa services at little to no cost/risk to their potential customers. However, not to seem anecdotal, the results varied widely, with some of our spa partners reporting that new clients weren't likely to return especially if the spa down the street is using the exact same strategy. The spa owner or practitioner burdened the cost per treatment (product, disposables, time, wages) in the end the return on investment never seemed to add up.


So, what does this all have to do with Equip Spa Go and our commitment to "Go Beyond the Installation"?

Introducing our Spa-First Initiative

Our vision is to create a new process for funding equipment while directly helping your spa to draw in new clientele and hopefully ones that will be likely to return. We desire a partnership with our customers rather than to simply sell your Spa the next treatment table, esthetic chair or skin care device.

Most importantly we recognize that we cannot be successful and reach our goals if your business isn't successful first!

That is why for 2022 we offering something that's never been done before in the spa industry!

When you spend your hard earned dollars with Equip Spa Go we help you draw in new clients with an offer they can't refuse! FREE TREATMENTS!!!

What makes this even better is that it is of absolutely no cost to your business!

Here is how it works.

Spend $1,000 and we buy $100 worth of your spas gift certificates to promote on Facebook and Instagram. Then we create and pay to boost your post to the target audience in your geographical location up to 50 miles.

Spend $2,000 and we buy $200 worth of gift certificates and so on.

How can you lose?

Is there another spa furniture and equipment distributor out there that is investing in you? If not, give Equip Spa Go a chance. You might be surprised at the return on investment.

In this way Equip Spa Go isn't merely saving you money we are helping you make it! Let's go "Beyond the Installation."

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