Spa professionals are crowd funding new skin care equipment! Want to learn how?

So, you've been salivating over that next skincare trend. Perhaps, it is the latest technological breakthrough in light therapy, laser or hydrodermabrasion. Or it could even be a special amenity service such as a salt float tank, meditation pod or shower experience that has been catching on.

You may not realize it but your clients are also keeping an eye out for the latest trends. They may have heard about a new treatment from a friend and they are requesting it from your Spa. Health & wellness news has also become mainstream over the years and your clients are hear about it.

Your clients are your investors! They keep you in business. Not only do they expect results from their skin care, they also expect to find the latest in skin care technology and product to better assist their needs.

However, most spas, especially after the pandemic, do not have the cash flow available to invest in new equipment or product line. This is where the idea of crowd funding comes in. Rather than finance your next equipment purchase, why not ask your clients what treatments, amenities or skin care products they are seeking?

Continue reading for three easy ways you can entice your existing clientele into investing in your next purchase.


Spa Industry Magazines and Catalogs

Providing Spa Industry magazines in the reception or treatment room waiting areas is an inexpensive way to communicate up-and-coming trends. American Spa Magazine is a fabulous option! Providing industry news will give your clients the opportunity of seeing the latest trends as well as inspire a sense of wonder. Your also letting them have an insider view into the spa profession.

Survey Says

Consider sending out a probing email blast or social post via Facebook to your geographical location with a survey of treatments that your spa has been considering. Offer a percentage off their next appointment for participating in your survey. Peak your clients interest with links, pictures and videos of various treatments. Before you know it, you will have solid options, and additional leads for your spa to reach out to.

Pro-Tip: Ask your vendor partner for images, video and info that can be used for the survey. Perhaps they would even be willing to host a webinar for your audience explaining the features, benefits and results. They may even be willing to create and promote the post for you.

Host an Open House

Organize an open house and invite your potential partners and clientele to enjoy a night of wine, cheese and light gossip. Have a spa party! Offer no-cost services, samples and information but most importantly listen to your client's feedback.

Pro-Tip: This is also an amazing opportunity for capturing content! Make sure your photographer (or someone with a good camera phone) is available to a capture the special moments.


The Last Step

Ask for ROI (return on investment) data from your vendor partners. Then, together, develop treatment packages at three separate cost points that you will use to market to your clientele.


You own a spa in Atlanta, Georgia and you are considering medical grade high-end Photobiomodulation services (that's fancy for Light Therapy). You have a decent following on social media and/or you are willing to spend marketing dollars to develop an interested following.

For the sake of this example we are going to say that your customers would be willing to pay $500 per treatment package, which includes 5 treatments valued at $125 per treatment. Therefore, your client saves $125 (or receives 1 treatment no charge). You can set buy in levels at $200, $350 or whatever you are comfortable with.

Let's say you have 5 clients that are interested and purchase the treatment packages. At $500 per package, that's already $2,500 towards the purchase of your new device! $700 over the purchase price of the Illuminate Red Light Therapy Panel.

If you can persuade just 40 clients to purchase treatment packages at $500 you will have enough for a high-end system such as the Soli-lite LG4 Galileo.

Of course, just as you would do with crowd funding sites such Go Fund Me or Kickstarter, explain to your clients that the purpose of selling these packages is to fund a highly sought after service to offer in the near future. Inform clients that if your campaign is unable to reach the funding goal that they are entitled to a refund or they can use their investment as credit towards an existing treatment program or selection of products.

At any rate, it is cash in hand!

Pro-tip: Don't forget that other than the initial equipment investment, Light Therapy treatments have virtually no cost per treatment. Also, selling treatment packages allows you to easily up-sell additional services since your client is already there for a treatment. Consider adding microdermabrasion services or a chemical peel to the light therapy treatment and watch your revenue soar!

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